Official Meeting with Sir Jean-Florent FILTZ at French Embassy, Mongolia

An official meeting between Sir Jean-Florent FILTZ, consular of culture and cooperation of France, Turnyam, officer of cooperation and relations, and Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) representatives, including E.Ninjgarav, dean of School of Civil Engineering and Architecture (SCEA), I.Gonchigbat, head of Architecture Department, S.Amgalan and L.Munkhtsetseg, lecturers of SCEA, was held at French Embassy, Mongolia. In the framework of French-Mongolian collaboration, ways to improve MUST human resources, possibilities on expanding the relationship between MUST and French Universities in the form of research, exchange of faculties and students were discussed. Sir FILTZ kindly received MUST representatives and expressed support on further collaboration.


Хөгжүүлсэн: Е-Нээлттэй Институт IT баг.