The project aims to build the capacity of Mongolian higher education in the area of environment and engineering via transferring knowledge of European HEI’s, specifically, in the area of energy efficient buildings. The project aims to reach this goal building the capacity of higher education in terms of curricula development and the staff development.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  1. Develop/revise and enhance new Higher Education programs (Master and Bachelor)/existing courses on Energy Efficient Building and Renewable Energy.
  2. Develop the relevant didactics methods, instructional documents and tools, including possibly digital teaching-learning tools/methods
  3. Support faculty development and establish faculty cooperation and knowledge sharing network amongst the partner HEI’s
  4. Establish faculty/student exchange programs to support internationalization of the partner HEI’s
  5. Develop of laboratory facilities amongst the Partner universities
  6. Develop training programs for engineers already working in the industry
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