School of Civil Engineering and Architecture was established as an adjunct department to  Mongolian National University in the result of Ministers’ board decision of Republic of Mongolia  in 1959 with the aim to prepare and educate highly qualified engineers to meet the demands of  economy, society and development of the country. Currently, our school consists in total of 156  faculties, professors, lecturers, staffs and 4000 students including graduate and undergraduate  students. Moreover, our research and study can be divided into three major departments  including Structural Engineering, Architectural Engineering and Environmental   Engineering.

Our long-term goal is to make a valuable contribution to the development of Mongolia  through valuable research and help talented professionals and students to make high technol-  ogy innovations and advancements by cooperating with international and domestic faculties,  research laboratories, companies and universities. We are working to improve our facilities,  research environment and quality of curriculum and teaching to strengthen students com-  petitiveness and make our school world-class  research and technology oriented    department.

We are working to prepare creative, innovative and highly qualified engineers who can bring  difference for the brighter future of Mongolia.

Холбоотой цэсүүд