Foreign relationships

     Our school collaborates with 24 foreign universities, consists from Russia-5, Italy-1, USA-2, Germany-1, Japan-5, Korea-8, China-1 and Turkey-1. Furthermore, 2 lecturers form Germany and 1 lecturer from South-Korea, visit our school and teaching in bachelor’s degree class. And regularly we invite professors from USA, Russia, Japan and Korea, to present a lecture in short term. In addition, we are collaborating with Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB), for international accrediting in architectural field. From Feb of 2014, we officially work on “Dual Degree master’s and doctoral program” with Seoul National University in research level. We organize environmental engineering online seminar on every Tuesday in fall, and geotechnical online seminar on every Wednesday in spring, according to collaboration with SNU. And also, collaborates with SNU in architectural field. 

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