• 1959 – Civil engineering department adjunct to established by the 103rd resolution of Council of Ministry/ Government / of the Republic of Mongolia
  • 1961 – First graduation was held after the establishment
  • 1962 – Establishments of two sub-departments including Construction Engineering and Architecture and Industrial Construction Engineering
  • 1963 – Establishment of Industrial Engineering and Hydro Engineering sub-departments
  • 1964 – Establishment of HVAC engineering, Construction material technology, and Road Machinery sub-departments
  • 1969 – Establishment of Architectural Engineering Technical drawings, irrigation, water supply and Plumbing engineering sub-department
  • 1970 – Soil Mechanics, Hydraulic and Hydro-technical laboratories were established in the framework of UNESCO’s “MON-1” project
  • 1973 – First classes in the field of Architectural Engineering and Road Construction Engineering were offered
  • 1974 – Sub-departments of architectural engineering and descriptive geometry has been founded
  • 1976 – Faculties of Construction Engineering were re-organized into the faculty of construction architectural engineering, irrigation and hydro-engineering
  • 1990 – Start of the Road Construction Engineering program
  • 1992 – Establishment of school of construction engineering of Technical University, Mongolia
  •  1994 – Establishment of secondary school adjunct to Construction engineering department offering Vocational training for future engineers in the field
  • 1998 – Became one of the first accredited schools of Mongolian University of Science and Technology
  • 1999 – Successfully shifted from traditional system into credit based system making it the pioneer in the field
  • 2001 – Research centers have been established
  • 2008 – The name of School of Civil Engineering has been changed into School of Civil engineering and Architecture
  • 2014 – Following the A/102 order of the President of Mongolian University of Science and Technology’s in 11th June 2014, name has been changed again as School of Civil engineering and Architecture   

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